Look deeply at our landscapes.

Save what’s working. Heal what’s hurting.

With one foot in the world of design and one foot in planning, Samara Landscape Design works across all scales to offer everything from landscape master plans and post-peak-oil regional plans, to edible forest garden designs and rain garden planting plans. 

Many designers will try to balance the needs of the people and the needs of the land. Samara Landscape Design recognizes that those needs often overlap and seeks the harmonic solution for the people's land and the land's people. 



Samara Joins Forces with Coastal Consultants

Samara Landscape Design, LLC is teaming up with Coastal Consultants, PC. By joining forces, we will be able to offer a more diverse and robust package of services.

Now, if you’re in the market for a landscape design, you won’t need to look elsewhere to have your property surveyed and engineered. Coastal Consultants will survey your site, draw up a base map of the existing conditions, conduct analyses to point us in a sustainable direction, and create a beautiful and functional landscape design that meets your unique goals—all from under one roof. If your site requires a grading plan or a stormwater management plan, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry. You’ve still got Anna Best, the same Landscape Designer, certified by VSLD http://vsld.org/, steeped in Permaculture, ready to bring your project to life. But now she has a team of surveyors, engineers, utility locators, and CAD drafters to offer a more robust product. http://coastalcpc.com/  If you're not already familiar with Anna's work, check out https://issuu.com/search?q=%22Anna+K.M.+Best%22

Now is the time for design! If you haven’t put plants in the ground yet this fall, don’t fret. The relative calm of winter is the perfect opportunity to get to know your needs, analyze your property and develop a design. Then the first phase of planting can start in spring. Drop us a line, and let us know how we can help. 

Our Mission is to look deeply at our landscapes. Save what’s working. Heal what’s hurting.
Eliminate harmful habits, and empower people with realistic tools to heal and beautify our landscapes.

Our Vision is to foster a land where every being has a garden where it can grow and express its gifts.